Architect / Job Captain by DK GR

DKGR Architects is seeking a motivated young architect / job captain to shepherd progressive building designs into reality.  Attention to detail, affinity for building tectonics, familiarity with sustainable building, and knowledge of leading edge production technology are desirable qualities in a leading candidate. 

This position will evolve into an essential role in developing DKGR's leading design projects via the documentation and admninistration environments.  

Essential Attributes:

  • Professional Architecture degree from accredited university
  • Revit Proficient (Revit Adept preferred)
  • Knowledge of PIM Software (eg. Newforma) preferred
  • Experience detailing Type I and Type V construction

Experience: 4-6 yrs

Salary: Commensurate with experience / skill sets

DKGR is not currently able to accept applications from candidates living abroad.