HIGH ALPHA Is a venture studio that conceive, launch and scale next generation enterprise companies. They are led by a dedicated team of entrepreneurs, operators, and investors with a proven track record of building and scaling these companies. Dreaming, conceptualizing and designing along side the High Alpha partners became a true collaborative partnership between businesses with similar Ideals.  The interior architectural design of High Alpha focuses on the ever-changing spatial and collaborative needs of its occupants. With a mixture of co-working space, social hub areas and varied huddle spaces, the Interior environment provides endless ways for a wandering workforce to either plug-in and focus on individual tasks or collaborate within multiple group sizes.    PROJECT DATA  CLIENT: HIGH ALPHA COMPLETION: 2015 PROJECT AREA: 9,000 SF PROJECT BUDGET: $700,000 LOCATION: INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA
 STUDIO SCIENCE (KRISTIAN ANDERSEN + ASSOCIATES) is a strategic design consultancy - singularly focused on creating and aligning brands, products, and services for maximum value creation. They achieve this by delivering compelling brand experiences, developing new business models, creating innovative new products and services, and solving complex business challenges on behalf of their clients. DKGR and Studio Science worked in a collaborative design effort to optimize creativity and value. Creating spaces for collaboration became a primary objective for the project in order to promote planned and impromptu idea-sharing. The interior construction budget on this project was necessarily restrictive which DKGR was able to mitigate by celebrating the existing features of the historic Lacy building on Monument Circle.  A strategy that allowed history and texture to become the backdrop to a modern and efficient design approach.    PROJECT DATA  CLIENT: STUDIO SCIENCE (KRISTIAN ANDERSEN + ASSOCIATES) COMPLETION: 2013 PROJECT AREA: 6,500 SF PROJECT BUDGET: $260,000 LOCATION: INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA
 SALESFORCE (EXACTTARGET) Beginning as locally-based ExactTarget, the fast-growing company quickly built a leading global digital marketing platform that Fortune 500 Company, Salesforce would purchase to integrate as their digital marketing cloud. Having outgrown their headquarters in The Guaranty Building on Monument Circle and continuing to grow exponentially, ExactTarget began looking for expansion opportunities around the city, country and globe.  After choosing the historic Century Building in the heart of downtown Indianapolis, ExactTarget tasked DKGR with designing interior environments that would help attract, acquire and retain talent in an extremely competitive market segment.    PROJECT DATA  CLIENT: SALESFORCE (EXACTTARGET) COMPLETION: 2012 PROJECT AREA: 21,000 SF PROJECT BUDGET: CONFIDENTIAL LOCATION: INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA
 Headquartered In VIenna, Austria, Emarsys is one of the fastest-growing and most innovative technology companies in the world. They serve more than 1,500 clients in 140 countries, and recently engaged DkGr to design their first North American office presence in Market Tower, downtown Indianapolis. The interior architectural design of Emarsys focuses specifically on the departmental and collaborative needs of its occupants. With a mixture of workstation neighborhoods, social hub areas, touchdown points and huddle spaces, the interior environment provides a variety of ways to work for Its multi-faceted staff.   PROJECT DATA  CLIENT: EMARSYS COMPLETION: 2015 PROJECT AREA: 1 3,000 SF PROJECT BUDGET: $800,000 LOCATION: INDIANAPOLIS, INDIANA
Lev (formerly Levementum)